MEMPHIS, Tenn. — A woman is facing charges after allegedly beating up her boyfriend’s mother.

Memphis Police say on January 1, they responded to a simple assault call in southwest Memphis. The victim told officers that she was in a physical altercation with her son’s girlfriend, Aukira Franklin.

The mother claimed she tried to put Franklin out of her house, but she became aggressive with her. Franklin started cussing at her boyfriend’s mother, then tried to punch her but missed.

According to reports, the mother tried to move away, but Franklin grabbed her shirt and started punching her in the face and shoulder area. The boyfriend then removed Franklin from the house.

The mother reportedly suffered injuries to her arms, chest and legs. On January 4, she went to the police station and positively identified Aukira Franklin in a 6-person lineup.

Franklin was charged with assault and is set to appear in court Tuesday morning.