MEMPHIS, Tenn. — A woman is facing serious charges after police say she fired shots at personnel outside the Raines Station Precinct.

Maleka Isom has been charged with aggravated assault on a first responder after MPD said she fired shots at the Raines Station.

An officer advised that while on duty, he saw a suspicious vehicle and started following it. The officer decided to check if the vehicle was stolen, but before he was able to run the information, he lost sight of the vehicle.

The officer found the vehicle again and called other uniformed officers to make a traffic stop. However, when following the vehicle, the officer noted it turned into the Raines Station Precinct parking lot.

According to records, the vehicle pulled into the parking lot. Then, a woman was seen hanging outside the vehicle’s passenger side window and began firing shots at the officer following them.

Another officer who was walking out of the building at the time heard the shots being fired. The officer was then able to stop the vehicle and place all three people inside the vehicle into custody.

It is unclear at this time if further charges are pending or if more people will be charged.

Maleka Isom does not have bail information posted at this time. Her next court appearance is set for November 21.