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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — A woman is facing charges after two dead dogs were found at an apartment she reportedly abandoned.

The Memphis Animal Shelter reportedly contacted the Memphis Police Department on June 24 after two dead pit bulls were found at an apartment at Lynnfield Place in East Memphis.

An officer with MAS told police she found the dogs left in separate locked wired kennels. The dogs had been in the kennels for “an extended period of time.”

Memphis Police say the dogs were lying in their own waste and were in a “poor body condition.” Police say the dogs’ bodies were contorted.

MAS was reportedly unable to remove the dogs from the property because the dogs were decomposed. Police say Shelby County’s dead animal pick-up came and got the dogs.

Memphis Police say Dileona Taylor, 22, was identified as one of the lease holders of the apartment. Memphis Police contacted Taylor on June 25.

Police say Taylor admitted the dogs belonged to her and another person, but she didn’t know the dogs had died. Taylor reportedly told police the dogs were under a year old.

Memphis Police say Taylor told officers she would come in to the Mt. Moriah precinct to give a statement, but she didn’t come in.

Police say a property manager told investigators she knew Taylor had dogs while she lived in the apartment, but she didn’t know the dogs had been left behind. The property manager reportedly told police she found the dogs when she did a wellbeing check on the apartment on June 24.

Memphis Police say the property manager told investigators Taylor and the person she was living with were several months behind on rent, but they abandoned the apartment before she could evict them. Police say MLGW turned the apartment’s power off on May 13.

Police say investigators determined that Taylor was “knowingly neglectful” of the dogs, which resulted in their “inhumane demise.”

Taylor has been charged with two counts of aggravated cruelty to animals.