MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Police say they caught a burglar who broke into a downtown Memphis apartment after he returned to the victim’s hallway a short time later.

They said the victim was also able to identify the suspect.

The victim said she left her apartment at 60 S. Main Monday morning, and when she returned that evening, she saw a strange man coming out of her apartment on the fifth floor.

60 S. Main Street

The victim told police she also saw a woman standing nearby with a stroller and was able to take a picture of the pair.

Police said the burglar, later identified as Ladedrick Bronson, damaged the door frame of the woman’s apartment and took nearly $5,000 worth of items, including a large TV and 20 pairs of Nike Jordans.

Officers say while inside the victim’s apartment finishing their report, they heard someone knocking on another door and saw Bronson and a woman standing in the hallway trying to get into the other apartment.

The victim told police Ladedrick was the person she saw exiting her unit. He was arrested and charged with aggravated burglary.

Police said they later learned Ladedrick was squatting inside a vacant apartment with a friend and said they located some of the victim’s stolen items on the sixth floor inside an elevator room.

It does not appear the woman with him is facing any charges.