MEMPHIS, Tenn. — A Memphis woman was arrested after investigators say she wasn’t very neighborly with the woman across the street.

For one Memphis woman, a fight with a neighbor all started with what she was wearing earlier this month outside her home.

“With the sports bra and the shorts set to go with it,” said victim Jarese Williams, “and I came outside to get my kids in the car, and boom, there goes the bomb.”

That bomb she’s referring to was her neighbor just across the street, who is said to have become worked-up over William’s wardrobe.

“I was not in the proper attire for her, and she started to come outside and say ‘it’s not going to work’,” Williams said.

Williams says her neighbor of 9 years, LaDonna Bassett, disapproved of her clothing because Bassett’s boyfriend was the one allegedly gawking.

“She felt like I was coming outside dressed for him,” Williams said.

This allegedly enraged Bassett, who’s accused of crossing the street and barging into Williams’ home.

“When I turned around and I seen her in the living room, I was really in shock,” Williams said.

That shock turned into a full-out fight right on the front lawn.

Still, Williams says she makes no apologies for her captivating charisma.

“Well, I do change my wigs, and I have my different little outfits that I like to wear, and that’s just a part of my personality,” Williams said.

Now, Bassett is behind bar and awaiting her day in court.

Bassett is charged with burglary and theft of property. Her bond is set at $2,500.