MEMPHIS, Tenn. — A woman allegedly returned to a Downtown Walgreens swinging a knife at an employee after she was barred from the store, police say.

According to reports, on Sept. 16, the manager of Walgreens on Main Street stated that the suspect, Ebonie Glover, was removed from the business after creating a disturbance.

Police say the manager was stocking shelves in the medicine aisle when she heard footsteps and mumbling coming from behind her. When she turned around, she saw Glover swinging a knife at her.

The manager jumped out of the way to avoid being injured by the knife before Glover left the store.

Police say they captured Glover a short distance away from the Walgreens.

Glover was previously barred from Walgreens and placed on Authorization of Agency back in July due to multiple incidents of theft, according to reports.

She is now being charged with Aggravated Assault and Aggravated Criminal Trespassing. Her next court date is set for Tuesday morning.