MEMPHIS, Tenn. — A woman is charged with assaulting a first responder after allegedly ramming a police car in an attempt to escape in a stolen vehicle in the airport area.

According to Memphis Police, on July 8, 2023, officers responded to Democrat Road regarding a stolen vehicle. Officers say they saw a stolen red Chevrolet on a company’s private lot and were waiting on the guard shack to allow them entry.

Police say that while they were waiting to enter, the driver of the stolen red car, later identified as 20-year-old Erica Joyner, drove off the lot.

Joyner intentionally rammed the stolen vehicle into a Memphis Police Department patrol car while trying to escape, according to reports.

The stolen vehicle was reportedly found abandoned a short distance away.

Officers say that a security guard at the entrance gate had allowed Joyner to enter the lot in the stolen car. That guard is also Joyner’s cousin, and claims that Joyner had a company badge.

On July 9, the owner of the stolen vehicle identified Joyner as the person responsible for stealing the car.

On July 11, the security guard identified Joyner as the person who was driving the stolen car when she allowed her to enter the parking facility on Democrat Road.

Erica Joyner is charged with two counts of Theft of Property, Aggravated Assault of First Responder, Vandalism, and Burglary of Vehicle.

She is set to appear in court on Wednesday morning.