MEMPHIS, Tenn. — A woman accused of crashing into a home and killing a former professional basketball player has been granted judicial diversion.

Galen Young was killed in June 2021 after someone drove into his mother’s home on Horn Lake Road. He was a former basketball standout at Hillcrest High. He went on to play professional basketball.

The 45-year-old father of twins was discovered hours after the crash by his family.

Miracle Rutherford, 20, was indicted on vehicular homicide charges. Court records show Rutherford pled guilty this week, was granted diversion, and will not be serving any jail time.

Young’s sister Tammy who was in the courtroom said this outcome doesn’t feel like justice.

“I would have never thought someone being charged with vehicular homicide-reckless would be offered diversion of probation for killing someone. It’s just something we have to accept going through this process,” she said.

Young said her brother leaves behind 10-year-old twin boys. 

She said her brother was all about mentorship and she hopes Rutherford does something positive with her second chance at life. 

“We’ll always love him forever and ever and only God knows best. Only God knows the reasons why because I surely don’t know why,” she said.