MEMPHIS, Tenn. — People are left shocked after a woman allegedly carjacked a man with a machete on Tuesday morning.

On Wednesday Larry Freeman was cutting grass around the corner from where police say 38-year-old Caitlin Devine was arrested for carjacking, burglary, theft, and vandalism.

“So I pulled up and noticed you were photographing over there in the area and I was wondering, something must have happened,” Freeman said.

Devine was reportedly armed with a machete when she approached a man sitting in his truck in the parking lot of Cotton Trade Warehouse on Matthews Avenue.

According to the police, Devine held the machete toward the man’s chest and told him to drive.

Police say the victim who wasn’t injured ran from his truck and Devine took the wheel, ramming a heavy security gate causing $5,000 worth of damage, and then crashing the truck into a ditch on Matthews Avenue where she was held for police.

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“She might be looney, she might be on drugs, no telling what her situation is but trying to take, no, get out and get a job,” Freeman said.

Devine is also responsible for breaking into a second vehicle on Tuesday in the same parking lot.

She made an initial appearance in court on Wednesday but will return on Thursday morning for a bail hearing.