MEMPHIS, Tenn.– A Memphis woman is accused of attacking her 89-year-old father several times, including one instance that was so severe that it caused him to lose vision in his left eye.

Eighty-nine-year-old Johnnie Taylor said he lost his vision after an argument with his daughter Johnecia Taylor.

“I can’t see out of it. I can’t see nothing out of this left eye at all. I have to use my right eye for everything,” Johnnie said. “She hit me in the eye years ago, but it finally went out.”

He said physical abuse by his daughter continued and he’s called police more times than he can remember to his home in Frayser, the place where he also cares for Johnecia’s children

“I don’t remember all that stuff. When a person gets as old as I am, they don’t remember a lot of stuff, but I been hit by her. I ain’t going to lie about that,” Johnnie said.

Now Johnecia Taylor is behind bars and charged with abuse of a vulnerable adult and domestic assault after an incident in August.

According to the police report, the woman reportedly struck her father on his already blind left eye following an argument and threatened him with a “brick and knife.”

Johnnie told police he feared for his life.

“I know I been hit by her. She the onliest kid I ever got that hit me. I got nine kids and ain’t never been hit by one. Nobody but her,” he said.

He admits his life has changed considerably since he lost the vision in his left eye.

“I been working on people’s lawnmowers, but I done stopped doing anything. All I do now is sit in the porch and work in my garden,” he said.

He pulls no punches when he says he’d still be going strong were it not for his daughter’s anger.

“I ain’t never been sick unless I lose one of my eyes on account of her,” Johnnie said.

After everything, he hopes his daughter will get the help she needs. His daughter reached out to him from 201 Poplar after she was arrested.

“She told me to come down here and drop charges, and they were going to let her go or something. I don’t know what she was talking about,” he said.

Johnecia Taylor is scheduled to appear in court Friday for a video bond hearing.