MEMPHIS, Tenn. — With freezing temperature hitting the Mid-South, the time to prepare is now.

Experts say spending a few extra minutes and a few extra bucks winterizing your home could end up saving you a lot of money and a hassle down the road. Zemuly Sanders has been an employee of Home Depot for 15 years and has been busy helping people prepare for this season.

“Now is totally the time,” Sanders said. “It’s real easy to do, and it doesn’t take much time.”

Sanders told WREG about a few easy things you can buy without breaking the bank. She said a draft stop is one of the easiest additions and costs just under $7. She also showed us other draft stops to slide under a door.

“You just put it down on the floor in front of your doors and it stops any draft,” Sanders said.

There is also rubber foam to put on doors that Sanders said to “just peel off the back, stick it on, and close the door on it.” A window insulation shrink kit costs a little less than $13.

“You use a hair dryer, and it causes it to shrink to the glass and sort of gives you like a thermal effect,” Sanders said.

She also told WREG about faucet covers that are less than $3.

“Nothing is worse than to have your faucets freeze up,” Sanders said.

In total, everything Sanders mentioned came to a little more than $43. When asked about the importance of taking these steps, Sanders said the cost of not doing so is inconvenient.

“The payment for failing to do it is just horrible and the inconvenience,” she said. “Not just the expense but the inconvenience.”

Many experts believe heating costs will also be higher this year.