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COVINGTON, Tenn. — Covington residents are getting some relief several hours after last-minute holiday shoppers were quickly met with snowy conditions Thursday afternoon.

At around 4 p.m., it was 40 degrees and dry. About half an hour later, the ground became covered in snow.

“I’m doing my last-minute Christmas shopping, this is my last stop, and I’m hoping to stay in for the night,” said Susan Sweat of Brownsville.

This type of weather is not great for business, especially days before Christmas.

Stores like Bayou Belle’s Boutique hoped the weather doesn’t rain, or snow, on their parade.

“Our boss drives a truck, and he’s offered to come pick us all up for work tomorrow, so closing hasn’t even been said as an option yet,” said one of the store’s employees.

Kelvyn Thomas, owner of Uptown BBQ, stayed open to feed people in need of a warm meal.

“There are some willing to venture out, and I want to be here for them,” said Thomas.

But the truth is, no one should be out on the roads right now if they can help it since the roads are very slick.