MEMPHIS, Tenn. — The Popeye’s Chicken restaurant on Showcase Boulevard in Southeast Memphis remains temporarily closed after a former employee, Tykeia Ransom, shared a now-viral video showing what appeared to be roaches in the kitchen.

In a statement emailed to WREG on Thursday, Popeye’s said:

“Even though the Health Department visited yesterday [Wednesday] and confirmed no issues at the restaurant, we shut it down, thoroughly cleaned, and will not reopen until we understand what happened and team members have been retrained on proper procedures.”

What may complicate matters for customers is the score this Popeye’s location recently received from the health department. It scored a 98 on Wednesday of this week after the viral video was posted.

“I don’t think so. I think the health department should be graded, too for giving them that score,” said Donald Ellis.

The health department’s only observations or corrective actions were food improperly labeled once out of the original containers in the walk-in cooler. The microwave needed to be cleaned and the ice machine had pink slime in it.

Before that, the previous inspection was in March. Reports show the restaurant received an 80, but on the same day, just a few minutes later it got a 95.

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WREG wanted to know if the food safety system is reliable or not. Can the public trust these scores after seeing the video?

We reached out to the health department for answers but didn’t immediately hear back. However, their website says there are some things you, the customer, can do for food safety and dining out.

They say to check inspection scores on the health department’s website or look for them when you get to the restaurant, look for certificates that show kitchen managers have completed food safety training, and look for safe food-handling practices and check to make sure workers are using gloves.