MEMPHIS, Tenn.– Whitehaven residents say reckless driving is a daily occurrence- not just speeding, but sometimes even racing. With plenty of kids, elderly, and pets living in the area, neighbors are saying enough is enough and are calling on the city to make a change.

People who live on Hudgins Road say that’s what they see almost every time they open their front doors.

Chaundra Maggitt Smith said the cars go extremely fast, perhaps because the street is a straightaway. She fears for the people who live here. 

“A lot of excessive speeding, cars not stopping. People just coming from everywhere,” Smith said.

A neighbor, who wishes to remain anonymous, has lived here for 43 years and said the problem has only gotten worse. She said her car was recently hit while turning into her driveway, and the driver sped off.

“You wake up at night, and it’s almost like a freeway,” she said.

She said if something isn’t done, someone is going to get seriously hurt. 

“I wouldn’t wish this on anybody else’s street, but I’d like for it to be off mine,” she said.

Both women are calling on the city to install speed bumps along Hudgins Road.

City councilwoman Patrice Robinson oversees the Whitehaven area. She said her district has the least amount of speed humps in the city, but it’s up to community members to send in an application to start the process.

In a statement, City spokesperson Arlenia Cole said the request for speed humps must go through an evaluation process.

Speed Humps in the City are installed following the Speed Hump Program policy. This is a residential request program that evaluates each request, in the order received, based on established criteria. This criteria applies to all areas of the City and does not vary between Council Districts.  

As more speed humps have been installed the program has become more popular leading to an increase in the number of requests each year. In 2016 we updated the criteria to reduce the time to evaluate the locations and improve the approval process. Request for speed humps must go through an extensive evaluation process by the Memphis Fire Department (MFD).

City of Memphis spokesperson Arlenia Cole

For information on how to apply, click here.