MEMPHIS, Tenn. —  Some Whitehaven residents are saying they finally got the Christmas tree they deserved.

Community leaders flipped the switch Sunday night, illuminating a beautifully decorated 28-foot tree outside of the Southland Mall.

It would not have happened had it not been for an outpouring of holiday spirit from the community who raised the money for the tree.

The mall put up a much smaller tree weeks ago, and so many complained about its size the mall took it down and refused to replace it.

That’s when the community rallied together and started a fundraiser that raised $30,000.

A Whitehaven man, who doesn’t even observe Christmas, led the effort.

“They were calling it the Charlie Brown tree and saying it wasn’t decorated right. Then members of the community were like well ‘We’ll donate and get a tree.’ We just started the fundraising and went from there,” Jason Sharif said.