MEMPHIS, Tenn. — The Whitehaven location of the Shelby County Clerk’s Office is closed due to a lack of air conditioning.

Shelby County Clerk Wanda Halbert said the Whitehaven office has been without air conditioning since last Friday.

“Due to aged facilities without customer service requirements and extreme heat, we are preparing to serve customers with appointment services at other locations,” Halbert said in a statement sent late Sunday. “We will immediately notify the public when services have been repaired and the facility reopens.”

The office will be closed until further notice.

Monday, people stood in the heat at the Mullins location and we’re told the wait time was around 3 hours with limited staff.

This is the latest issue the Shelby County Clerk’s Office has faced. Last week, an employee with the clerk’s office with charged with official misconduct.

The clerk’s office has also dealt with criticism over long lines and wait times, as well as a backlog of license tag applications in the county.

Halbert held a news conference last week and blamed a lack of funding from the county commission for the delay in getting tags out.