MEMPHIS, Tenn. — An 18-year-old is under arrest after police say he was part of a chop shop in Whitehaven.

The recent arrest of 18-year-old Taveon Earnest goes back to June of this year when officers say they received a call about a possible chop shop operation off Marlin Road in Whitehaven.

Investigators claim when they showed up three men were in the backyard. Two of them took off in a car while a third took off running.

Detectives from the Auto Theft Task Force searched the property. They say they found a stolen Dodge Challenger that was initially reported stolen from Avis at the Memphis Airport.

The Challenger had been completely stripped with the hood and doors located inside the home. Other parts of the car like the engine, transmission, and steering column were completely removed and no longer on scene.

Officers say fingerprints belonging to Taveon Earnest were located inside of what was left of the car.

But that’s not the only stolen car detectives claim Earnest is connected to. They also say back in April, a Nissan Altima was stolen off Marshall Avenue in the Edge District.

Two days ago, that’s five months since that car was initially reported stolen, officers pulled it over for having a broken tail light. They say Earnest was the driver and was finally taken into custody.

The Auto Theft Task Force has been staying busy. Last week, they arrested three people in Berclair for another chop shop off Sumter Street.

MPD said they located four stolen cars and four guns. Two other cars and a trailer were also towed as part of an investigation. Officers also reported finding various drugs as well.

Earnest is set to appear in court Tuesday. He is in jail on a $15,000 bond.