MEMPHIS, Tenn.– Following Tuesday’s deadly Texas school shooting, parents nationwide are on edge. So when a gun was found at a Memphis high school and the school was placed on lockdown, it only raised the anxiety of many parents.

If you are a parent with a school-age child, chances are the past few days have you more stressed out than normal. Anxiety over school shootings has become a common fear for Memphis parents such as Mike Arnold and others across the country.

“So, immediately, I rushed here. I called my wife and contacted her just trying to get information about what’s happening,” Arnold said.

Arnold, like other parents, rushed to White Station High School Thursday after learning a gun was found on campus.

Arnold’s son is a freshman. He was praying all the students would be okay.

“My family, we are Christians. We are believers. At the same time, yes, there is fear, there is concern. There’s a sense of wondering what’s next,” he said.

The Texas school shooting leaves parents wondering if their children will be safe at school.

“You think about Buffalo, you think about what happened in Texas, and you pray it doesn’t happen here in Memphis,” Arnold said.

The new reality is many parents say they’re now talking with their children about the possibility of school violence and learning more about school safety policies. But some want more action from lawmakers.

“We need the government to understand that and not just again…our thoughts and prayers. We’ve had plenty of thoughts and prayers and we appreciate that. We need policy. We need action,” Arnold said.

The quick action of school security led to one student being detained and no one was hurt.

Parents like Arnold are feeling a brief sense of relief during a time of high anxiety.

“Thankful, thankful to God, and thankful to staff here at white station as well. Kudos to them. We’re just thankful. We want to get our children out and have a safe summer,” he said.

The CDC developed a strategy to prevent violence in schools for parents, communities, and states. Click here to learn more.