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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — As there are calls in the community for justice for Tyre Nichols, there have also been questions as to where Memphis’ police chief has been since the firing of five officers last week.

Aside from a statement citing their actions as “egregious,” we have not seen Memphis Police Chief CJ Davis publicly address the incident. 

But Monday, the attorney for Nichols’ family says they met with Memphis Mayor Jim Strickland, who offered condolences as well as Chief Davis as the family saw video from the night of January 7 after officers stopped Nichols in a traffic stop. 

Attorney Ben Crump described Davis’ meeting with Nichols’ family during the press conference as, “A Black woman, a Black mother, who was very emotional when she talked with Ms. Wells … She said I’m not offering my response as a chief, I’m offering them as a mother who got Black children. … She had tears in her eyes just like Ms. Wells, she had tears in her eyes and said that she was not proud of what we were about to see on that video.”

Pastor Keith Norman with First Baptist Church Broad said he and other pastors met with Mayor Strickland and Chief Davis. The pastors are working to help their congregations process what happened to Nichols and grieve. 

“It was a very good meeting. They assured us that they were doing everything in their power, they laid out the timeline of events and I commended them for the swiftness for which this took place,” Norman said.

Dr. Norman said he also informed the mayor and Chief Davis that they should use their power to move the investigation forward.

“That they should use their power to influence charges, the timeliness of charges coming forward, and they, I believe, are reasonable to that request,” he said. “I’m saying patience but I am persistent in saying this: We have enough information to begin issuing arrest warrants and bring people in for the law that has been violated. What I do know is that you can increase charges after initial charges are filed.”

It’s unclear when exactly we could find out if charges will be filed or when the video will be released publicly. We will keep you updated as we learn more.