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MEMPHIS, Tenn.– Memphis Police Chief CJ Davis told city council members about new measures her department is putting into place to make sure the public sees officers out and about. 

Maybe you’ve seen the blue lights on some MPD cruisers. They’re called cruise lights.

Chief Davis said the purpose of the new lights is to make people more aware that officers are in the area.

“It provides an additional visibility that officers are in the area. Cruise lights can be seen without them flashing but they can actually be seen for a block away so individuals can say, ‘oh there’s a police officer over there,'” Davis said. “So the cruise lights help us, especially in areas where we want community members to see that there’s a police officer in our area.”

Memphis Police Chief Davis told city council members about moves being made in the department, including using specialized units more. 

“We’re utilizing them more now to help us with the patrol function and to help support the patrol function, especially in areas where we find ourselves short, more visibility in high crime areas and also during the times of the day and days of the week that we need that visibility,” Davis said.

The chief said one example is in downtown Memphis, particularly when there are crowds, like during the Grizzlies playoffs.

She also showed off a modified police patch, the same original seal with an embedded flag in the patch as well. Officers are wearing them on both sleeves now. 

“Both sides and this is in line with best practices around the United States. Major agencies wear patches on both sleeves for identification purposes and this is another shift so we can be recognized by our community members,” Davis said.

The chief also said one of her goals for the upcoming calendar year is to lower crime by 5 percent.