MEMPHIS, Tenn. — The weather may be to blame for several crashes across the Memphis area Friday.

Before sunup, two overturned big rigs caused traffic to back up along Interstate 40. Before that area was cleared, there was more rain and more accidents, creating chaos for commuters.

WREGs Corie Ventura was tracking the traffic trouble all across the Mid-South.

The issue wasn’t just with the rain-soaked interstates, but other routes and roads were also flooded. Ponding water made things even worse, as some drivers were merging at the last minute, or running a risk by driving through.

With other drivers saying they were not willing to test their luck, instead going the roundabout way, while really focusing on safe driving practices.

Still there were many who were essentially taking chances driving into the high water.

Remember in Tennessee it’s required drivers  move over for stopped emergency vehicles when it’s safe to do so.