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WEST MEMPHIS, Ark.– A West Memphis organization is doing what it can to be a good neighbor not only during the crippling heat but also as the prices of groceries and gas rise.

The team at the Good Neighbor Love Center in West Memphis said they’re here to help everyone.

The center serves as the food bank for the city and supports the surrounding county. 

Tawana Bailey, Board President of Good Neighbor Love Center, said inflation isn’t the only thing driving a need in the area. We’ve reported extensively about the closure of the Family Dollar warehouse in the city affecting hundreds of families.

“So that, you know, has caused a hardship for some,” Bailey said.

Soaring utility bills are also top of everyone’s mind as temperatures continue to rise. Bailey said the center was recently awarded more money to help people out. 

“There will be some requirements with it. Mainly we want to help people that are facing disconnection. Because those are the people we want to stop their lights from being turned off because again, especially with the temperatures rising the way they are,” she said.

This summer, the nonprofit is also offering a fan program to provide fans to those in need.

“We’ve given out fans over the last 30 days and we try to target 62 and older, our older generation, especially those who can’t get out into the stores as easy to purchase those items,” Bailey said.

The organization has given out 50 fans so far. Right now, there’s a waiting list.

“We are in the process of purchasing more fans. Sometimes when we go into the stores they’re not available,” Bailey said.

Bailey highlights the community collaboration to help make a change.

“No matter what resources you have to offer we want everybody coming to the table, pitching in to help out,” she said. “Just other people willing to do whatever it takes to see our citizens not suffer is just a blessing in itself.”

If you would like to learn more about the fan or utility program, you can contact (870)-735-0780.