WEST MEMPHIS, Ark. — Some apartment residents in West Memphis say they are facing eviction weeks after being forced to evacuate due to flooding from a severe storm.

We caught up with Destiny Miller as she headed to the Riverbend Apartments leasing office to find out why she and plenty of other residents got an eviction notice on their door.

“It just says there’s a notice to vacate by the 19th. That’s not even legal. You have to give me 30 days to leave,” she said. “I feel very disrespected. I have small children. I pay my… I haven’t had an issue with the office since I’ve been here. My bills are always paid on time.”

Miller and countless others have been told they have three days, to move. The reason — refusal and failure to abide by the terms of the lease.

Miller finally learned there was a $23 difference between what she paid and what she owed on her rent. However, some residents who got the notice admit they stopped paying rent and are upset over the living conditions.

“We can go look at pictures of my roof. I got plaster falling off my roof and water damage,” said one resident. “We don’t know what to do. You know, we people need somewhere to lay their head. We’re working people and we’re just fed up with it.”

WREG has shown you the devastating flooding that covered many Riverbend units. Water covered the parking lot, seeped into buildings, and ruined what these tenants own.

The leasing office was closed when we went by but we’re told the property has new owners as of November. A woman told us she was a former property manager here.

“There was so many things that needed to be done when I got here, and it was just like a continuous landslide basically and it just took a while,” she said.

“You can barely use my sink. I can barely wash my clothes. My drains don’t drain, we just had a horrible flood, my car was messed up, and now they’re putting people are threatening to pull people out,” Miller said. “Why y’all put me out and I’m giving you money to do something y’all aren’t even doing?”

It’s still not clear if the eviction notice went to all residents. We reached out to the new property managers to get more information. We’ll let you know if we hear back.