MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Those of you heading to the airport may want to make sure your flight hasn’t been delayed or canceled.

During the Christmas holiday, airport officials estimate nearly 130,000 people will pass through TSA, with Dec. 22 being one of the busiest days of the season.

To many travelers’ surprise, the weather has forced flights to be delayed or, in some cases, canceled leading to frustration for folks like Mamie Reese.

“My flight was canceled so then I went back home and then we got another flight with American and now I’m waiting,” Reese said.

It’s a sight that has been seen in airports across the nation, but experts say this was expected.

“We’ve known in advance the airlines can prepare and they have been, and they’re certainly staffed up to go,” said Kathleen Bangs, spokesperson for flight tracking app FlightAware.

Bangs told WREG despite preparations, the weather certainly presents challenges.

“When you have conditions you’re getting, there’s really no way to keep up with it. Air traffic control slows down because pilots then have to do what is called instrument approaches to get into an airport and that’s a much more time-consuming procedure,” she said.

Travelers are not letting the delays dampen their holiday spirits.

“It’s gonna be wonderful, my mama, my daddy, my siblings, my everything. So, It’s gonna be worth it. It’s gonna be worth it and I’m okay with it,” Reese said.

Airport officials recommend you get to the airport at least two hours before your flight and check the status of your flight before leaving home.