MEMPHIS, Tenn. — People living at a Memphis high-rise are demanding answers after the elevators stopped working.

For some tenants at Hope Heights Towers, a view of downtown from their window is the closest they’re getting to being outside.

Since last week, the elevators have not been working. The majority of the tenants living at Hope Heights are disabled and are elderly. It has forced some of them to change their way of life.

“Some people have doctor appointments, some people (are) on dialysis,” a tenant said. “They need to get to their transportation to get there, and it’s a dangerous situation here.”

The Millennia Companies oversees Hope Heights Towers. The company is no stranger to problems at its complexes.

In recent weeks, WREG has reported problems at Memphis Towers as well as Serenity Towers, two other complexes the company manages.

The problems at Serenity Towers are now being a heard by Environmental Court Judge Patrick Dandridge. Recently code enforcement also reported issues with hot water, bed bugs and mold at the complex.

 “We need the judge to be more proactive in protecting residents,” said Memphis Public Works Director Robert Knecht. “If there is some out risk to residents, we want something to be maybe a little more prioritize.”

Meanwhile, back at Hope Heights Towers, a manger tells WREG supply chain issues have delayed the elevators getting fixed. 

“Nobody pleased at all,” a tenant said. “We are stuck.”

Until then, residents will continue looking out as the suns sets on another day at home.

The manager also said the elevators are expected to be fixed by Tuesday or Wednesday. WREG also reached out to Millennia and are waiting to hear back.