MEMPHIS, Tenn. – Weather experts give advice on how to be safe as severe weather heads toward the Mid-South Friday evening.

Charles Newell with Shelby County Office of Emergency Management says preparation is important during this time. He recommends making sure you get constant updates from a weather radio or from the WREG weather experts.

If you live in an apartment complex, you can still prepare. “Go to the middle room in your apartment, more than likely that would be the bathroom,” Newell said. “Again, maybe you can get a mattress off your bed some other covering between you and falling debris.”

Most of the Mid-South is under a high risk of severe weather which has the possibility of producing tornadoes, rainfall, and strong wind.

Newell says taking this severe weather lightly would be a “false sense of security”. He advises everyone to pay attention to weather warnings.

“We’ll monitor the situation and if need be, according to the weather conditions, we may have to call in our partners,” Newell said.

You can find that full list of emergency shelters here.