MEMPHIS, Tenn. — A driver’s joy ride doing doughnuts in a local mall parking lot came to an abrupt halt, ending in a crash, and it was all caught on camera.

Saturday night just before 9 p.m., a group of people gathered in the parking lot of the Power Center Academy High School in Hickory Hill located in the Mendenhall Mall.

They were doing doughnuts when one of the drivers crashed into a light pole. The car hit the pole so hard that the entire cement base was lifted out of the asphalt.

Video obtained by WREG shows the crash happening and the people who were watching rush to help the driver.

Paul Price lives across the street from the parking lot. He said people do doughnuts there all the time.

“I came out because I heard the screeching when I went to the fence by the time I made it around to the fence he had crashed into the pole and so it is like every other thing on the weekend,” Price said.

You can still see the tire marks left behind after a group in this parking lot was doing doughnuts. One person we talked to said this is an ongoing problem. 

“They ain’t got nothing to do really. I guess they just feel like doing doughnuts is having fun, but really it is dangerous i mean he could have smashed into someone else’s car,” Price said.

We spoke to a man who works for the property owner. After telling us to leave the parking lot, he said they have tried getting the police involved. However, nothing has been done.

Price said police did show up last night, after the accident happened.

“The police, like four squad cars came. They were out there just taking notes,” Price said.

There is no word yet on if anyone was hurt.