MEMPHIS, Tenn. — The family of the victim in last week’s fatal Beale Street shooting addressed the media Friday morning along with their attorney.

Tacquan Smith, a local rapper and father of four with one on the way, was killed on April 10th as shots rang outside The Green Room on April 10th.

The victim’s mother, Tashia Smith, told WREG earlier this week she watched her son die in her hands.

Tacquan Smith

The family accuses police of firing shots that struck all three victims, ultimately killing Tacquan.

“I know for a fact the police were involved,” Smith said “He fell after police was shooting their guns over their cars. They was shooting recklessly.”

Smith’s family attorney, Howard Manis of the Cochran Firm is questioning why the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation would not be asked to participate in the investigation.

Memphis Police said the facts released Sunday in a statement still stand and the TBI was not called to investigate since their officers did not fire the fatal shots.

“What about transparency? Isn’t that a reason why the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation should be brought in to a case where it is undisputed that officers fired their weapons on historic Beale Street and somebody  died and two others were injured? What more of a reason is there,” Manis said.

Smith’s family believes not enough is being done to ensure safety and security for those who visit Beale Street on weekends.

The family is asking why security checks aren’t conducted overnight. Manis also wants to know why wanding visitors for weapons stopped in the early morning hours. He stated security is present on Beale Street from 9 p.m. until 1 a.m.

“At 2:20, they were open for business and if they were open for business they need to protect people who were there,” he said. “You are not protecting those who are there after 1:00 You are not even effectuating even your own rules and requirements of limiting who comes, who goes and what they can bring if you go home at 1 a.m.”

Smith was killed around 2:30 a.m.

Manis wouldn’t comment on whether police shot Smith. But earlier this week, Smith’s mother told WREG what she saw.

“From what I see is my son got caught in the crossfire of them shooting at him, the other guy that was shooting,” she said. “So he fell after the police were shooting their guns over their cars.”

Smith’s family also wants the camera video released. While they aren’t filing suit yet, they want to see everything.

“There is one thing I know,” Manis said. “If a gun is not allowed on Beale Street and if somebody had done their job and kept a gun off Beale Street, we wouldn’t be here today.”

The family’s attorney stated three officers have been relieved of duty.

The District Attorney’s Office said in a statement:

“We just got off the phone with Mr. Manis. He recognizes our office has no file on this case as no one has been arrested and the investigation is ongoing. If anyone has any information about this murder they need to call CrimeStoppers. TBI is not investigating because this is not an officer involved fatal shooting.”

MPD confirmed three officers have been relieved of duty. Their identification has not been released. MPD said no charges have been filed in this incident.