MEMPHIS, Tenn. — It’s going to cost a Cordova homeowner hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars to make repairs after months of drivers destroying yards to avoid speed bumps.

A man sent WREG video showing a driver taking their car through his yard to avoid speed bumps. Neighbors of the man who shared the video say the speed bumps were put in place to stop speeding on Walnut Bend, a street that connects Walnut Grove and Trinity Road.

“I am thankful the city put in has put in some speed bumps to try to take care of one issue but now it has created another,” said John Long, one of the man’s neighbors. “We all are homeowners. We put a lot of time and effort and money into making our yards look nice. We love our neighborhood, we love our neighbors and we want to see them taken care of.”

Long said several people living on the street reached out to MPD about how drivers were avoiding the speed bumps. When they did, someone came back out and put up poles with reflectors to keep drivers on the road, which just made the problem worse.

The base of a reflector is all that remains after it appears that it was knocked over after people tried to avoid the speed bump. You can also see that someone has placed large bricks near the grass to try to stop people from driving into the grass to get around.

“There are bricks, there’s stones to try to deter people from driving through their yard, which means they are driving further in the yard to avoid the bricks and obstacles that we put in place, crazy,” Long said.

After reaching out to MPD, the City of Memphis, Shelby County and elected officials, the people who live on Walnut Bend Road say they are still waiting for a solution.

We reached out to MPD and are waiting to hear back.