MEMPHIS, Tenn. — With dangerously cold temperatures on the horizon, a city-wide effort is underway to provide shelter to some of the most vulnerable throughout our community – the homeless.

The Hospitality Hub, located at 590 Washington Avenue, will open its doors as a warming center Thursday night.

“When you get here, you’re going to get everything you need from hygiene to blankets, to pillows, and you’re going to get a hot meal at dinner time,” said Executive Director Kelcey Johnson.

The low temperatures could be life-threatening for those without a home, which is why this transitional center for women will welcome all.

“They’ll be no men upstairs as usual. But here in this big flex space, we will be sheltering men during this period of time, also in the lobby. Down the hall near the cafeteria, we have two rooms one for women with children,” Johnson said.

Although open to all, some may ignore the warnings – perhaps they are concerned with what to do with their belongings. But there’s also the change-up component.

“There is a routine for people who are surviving in this way,” Johnson said. “Since around 7 o’clock Thursday, there’s a team of four out working to find those who may be unsheltered. Reminding them they are not forgotten and there is certainly a warm place for them to stay.”

The hub is not just for the homeless, as anyone in need of a warm place to go is welcome.

The doors will open at 7 p.m. Thursday. The City of Memphis said the warming center will remain open until further notice.

Starting at 6:30 p.m., anyone who needs a ride to the warming center via MATA can call 901-297-1680 to schedule a pickup.

Security officers will be at the warming center as well.

Other Resources:

The warming center is a temporary shelter for those who are impacted by cold weather. If you or anyone you know needs shelter accommodations, you are encouraged to reach out to the following organizations:

  • Union Mission (Men’s Shelter) – 901-526-8403 
  • The Salvation Army (Women or women and children).
  • Other shelter services may be found by calling the 24-hour MIFA hotline at 901-529-4545.