MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Walmart’s CEO said stores across the country could close if thefts continue.

While officials at Walmart say, as of now, no decisions have been made to close stores, the possibility has many concerned about the future of the Walmart location in Whitehaven.

From shootings to shoplifting, there has been no shortage of crime happening at the Walmart on Elvis Presley Boulevard in Whitehaven over the last year.

More than 160 crimes have been reported this year. The issues at the store forced Walmart to contract its own security, which has the attention of Memphis councilwoman Patrice Robinson.

“We’ve got to stop this bad behavior in our community,” Robinson said. “As a community, we have to work together and stop turning our face to what we see when people are shoplifting.”

As a corporation, Walmart is reporting an uptick in shoplifting. In an interview with CNBC, the CEO said it could lead to higher prices and stores closing if the problem continues. It’s an outcome concerning to customers.

Shoppers and Robinson agree it would be a loss for Whitehaven. Robinson says it’s important that everyone joins forces to try and keep the store there.

“We’re gonna work together with our police department, with each other, with community associations and we’re going to ensure that we do all we can,” Robinson said.

Walmart officials said in a statement to WREG that their CEO was speaking about retail in general and not specifically about Walmart stores closing.