MEMPHIS, Tenn. — City Council members and the mayor of Memphis may be able to run for a third consecutive term if voters say yes to an upcoming referendum.

Council approved the referendum sponsored by Martavius Jones on the third reading Tuesday. The original proposal applied only to city council seats, but an amendment by Jeff Warren extended the question to the mayor’s office.

Memphis offices are currently limited to two consecutive four-year terms. Fifty percent of voters, plus one, must approve the change before it would go in effect.

“Do I want to serve again? Yes,” Jones said but explained that he introduced the issue for future councils, not just for sitting members.

Some council members said that their first term was spent learning how to introduce measures for their constituents. They said a more experienced city council could benefit the city.

“I think we need some of the experience on the council to go forward in the next few years when we’re going to be dealing with high inflation, war in Ukraine, all the things we’re trying to do coming out of COVID and continue the momentum that we have, I think we need that experience. I think we need the experience of the mayor in addition to that,” Warren said.

Cheyenne Johnson expressed reservations about extending term limits, but said she was willing to let voters decide.

“We probably need to drop the whole thing, but I’m willing to give it a try,” Johnson said.

This will be the second time in four years that Memphis voters will be asked if they support repealing term limits. It failed the last time it was brought to a referendum in 2018, with 64% of voters opposing.

Mayor Jim Strickland is currently in his second term.