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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — It was a busy weekend for Memphis Police as they responded to at least 5 fatal shootings and a deadly hit-and-run.

It doesn’t end there, as a man was discovered dead on arrival in another case – with foul play not ruled out.

One Memphis man told WREG it will take a collaborative effort to curb our city’s crime problem.

Mr. Henry Gray was cleaning his car Monday, saying when things are orderly, they operate better. He’s hoping city leaders share the same sentiment – by doing whatever it takes to restore order following a rash of crime over the weekend.

“I pray for the world to be a better place,” Gray said.

Sunday night, at a Fox Meadows apartment complex, detectives said a man and two others – one wearing a shirt that read ‘Life is Good,’ were gunned down.

Less than 24 hours earlier Saturday evening, MPD was investigating events that led to a Midtown triple shooting at Evelyn Avenue and East Parkway. This shooting left two of the victims fighting to survive.

Early Saturday morning, police said a man was stabbed to death at Lucy Avenue in South Memphis.

Minutes before, there was another crime scene after a man was shot to death along Craigmont Drive in Raleigh.

Leading into the weekend, violence was already spilling into the streets. Friday, hours before midnight a man was fatally shot in North Memphis at Oakwood Street with the gunman getting away.

Also on the run is the person who shot a killed a teen around 6 p.m, Friday along Winchester Road in Whitehaven.

These attacks, many of them deadly, are taking place all over the city and with all different motives. It leaves those like Mr. Gray really looking for a set of solutions. He sees it as going back to the basics, including neighbors looking out for neighbors.

“It is a difficult world we are living in, we all need some prayer,” Gray said.

Leaving Mr. Gray to call on a Higher Being, to get a handle on the high crime.

If you know anything about any of these incidents, you are urged to contact CrimeStoppers at 901-528-CASH.