MEMPHIS, Tenn. — A Village Mart in Southwest Memphis was burglarized for the second time in just a couple of weeks.

According to Memphis Police, 15 people broke into the clothing store on South Third Street and cleaned it out within five minutes. Metal security gates had been pulled off the front of the store.

The owner says he owns nine stores in Memphis and in less than a month there have been burglaries at two of his locations.

“This is not new, this happened to us like three weeks ago,” the owner said. “This morning they broke my gates, broke my glass out, took my sign and they pretty much cleaned out the store.”

Even though the owner was surprised, he believes it was intentionally planned.

“I don’t know them but two or three of them, they come to check it out, see what I have in the store. They plan because this kind of thing needs a plan,” the owner said. “They come to check it out two or three days before and then they hit it up.”

“This really affects the business. This makes us lose a lot of money, time, and manpower. Even my employees inside, they are not feeling safe, they don’t feel relaxed,” the owner said. “My inventory manager has not shown up yet but I know it will not be less than 80 or 70.”

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The owner says he blames the increase in crime on younger people not wanting to work.

“No one is taking the job seriously. They come one, two, three days and then they do not show up,” he said. “These kids need to get a job, they need to stop this. Easy money is not alright, it’s not long term.”

The owner says he will be hiring security and have them working at his stores from now on. “From tonight I will have them at all stores,” he said.