MEMPHIS, Tenn. – More than a dozen people were caught on camera pulling a child and woman from an overturned, smoking vehicle along Walnut Grove Road in Cordova on Wednesday morning.

Rebecca Huckabee Lewis was eastbound on Walnut Grove when she saw what was happening. She began recording the rescue and said seeing so many stop to help was amazing.

“Honestly, my first thoughts were just to pray for everyone that was involved,” said Huckabee-Lewis. “Then, when all of the strangers started to help, it was just so beautiful that people literally jumped out of their cars and stepped into action to save these people.”

Good Samaritans pull child from SUV at Walnut Grove & Walnut Bend. Courtesy: Rebecca Huckabee-Lewis

In the video, you can see someone bring a ladder over to the black SUV, a man climb it and, pull a little girl from the vehicle, and hand her to another man.

The child did not appear to be hurt and can later be seen being comforted by a woman who also pulled over to help.

Police said the driver of the black Chevy Suburban was traveling east on Walnut Grove when she was struck by the driver of a Chevy CTA, who was turning onto Walnut Grove from Walnut Bend.

At least a dozen people took part in the rescue effort. Courtesy: Rebecca Huckabee-Lewis

Investigators said the driver of CTA was issued a citation for failure to yield at the intersection, and the driver of the Suburban was transported to the Regional One Medical Center but was not seriously hurt.

Huckabee-Lewis says she watched the group of good Samaritans pull both people from the overturned Suburban and is glad she was able to capture the collective act of kindness.

“People need to see the good,” Huckabee-Smith said.

She said people were also checking on the driver of the other vehicle to make sure she was okay.

Both vehicles had to be towed from the scene.