MEMPHIS, Tenn.– WREG has obtained a jaw-dropping video that shows the moment an MPD cruiser collides with a car while rushing to assist a fellow officer who was shot.

Radio traffic minutes before the crash shows the immediacy officers had when responding to the man down call of one of their own.

The hard-to-watch video shows a Memphis police officer in pursuit T-Boning a car driven by 73-year-old Robert Siggers.

The crash report identifies the officer involved in the crash as 31-year-old Brandon Jackson.

“Horn Lake and Hewlett. I got an officer injured here, fire department is on the scene of this crash,” an officer said over dispatch.

The crash wounded Jackson and critically injured Siggers.

Both men are still receiving treatment at Regional One. Siggers’ daughter told WREG he’s doing okay but they still have a lot going on. Jackson is in stable condition.

According to the crash report, the 73-year-old had a suspended license.

MPD said the officer who was shot was in an unmarked unit near Horn Lake Road working a stolen vehicle case when he was approached by three men in a stolen Infiniti who opened fire.

After a citywide manhunt, they’re now all facing charges in connection to the shooting and weapons found during the arrest.

The officer that was shot has been released from the hospital.

Lieutenant Essica Cage-Rosario, President of the Memphis Police Association, said she’s talked to both officers and is thankful they will be okay.

“The situation that happened yesterday is dangerous all the way around. It’s a perfect example of a civilian being injured as a result of us responding and us trying to get where we need to be as quickly as we need to be,” Cage-Rosario said.

She’s praising the department for its response.

“Yesterday could have been a tragic day,” Cage-Rosario said. “The level of intensity that happened yesterday and everything that was going on. We are very fortunate at the outcome.”