MEMPHIS, Tenn. — A convenience store owner says he’s tired of thieves targeting his business on Bartlett Road in Northeast Memphis.

Mohamood Shah said his store has been ransacked and burglarized three times over the last year, costing him thousands of dollars.

“The three times, maybe, $36,000-$37,000,” said Shah.

The latest break-in at the Minit Mart happened early Friday morning and was all caught on camera.

Thieves kicked out the glass in one of the doors to get inside and immediately started pulling cigarettes from store shelves. Shah said the burglars took around $6,000 worth of Newport cigarettes, cigars, and $600, from the register.

He said they also caused about $2,500 worth of damage. In the surveillance video, you can see sparks through the front doors of the store as the thieves try to saw off a padlock.

“They tried to use an electric saw to the door, but I don’t know, maybe the saw broke,” Shah said. “Only one kick and they broke my door.”

Sunday, Mohamood replaced and reinforced his store doors with bars and a chain. He is hoping it’s enough to stop the criminals.

“I’m trying,” said Mohamood. “I don’t know. They use anything they have to get in and steal the money.”

Mohamood said his insurance won’t cover all the losses, and he’s afraid things will only get worse during the holiday season.

Police are looking for two men who were armed with a gun. They were driving a white vehicle. If you recognize the men in the video or their car, you are urged to call CrimeStoppers at (901)-528-CASH.