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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Police need your help identifying a group of men they say broke into two businesses in Whitehaven within a week span.

Police believe it was two groups that worked together to commit the crimes because of the cars they used – targeting a strip mall off of Elvis Presley.

Security video shows the two dark-colored sedans pulling into the parking lot at the same time and parking next to one another.

Police believe this group is responsible for breaking into the Dominos and Lavish A Luxe Boutique

LaWanda Thornton is the owner of both Lavish. A Luxe Boutique stores off Elvis Presley Boulevard in Whitehaven.

She says she’s been in the location for four years putting her blood, sweat, tears, and prayers into her businesses.

“I’m frustrated. I’m angry. They need to be stopped,” Thornton said. “It was built on a dream, a vision, and most definitely trusting in the Lord.”

But recently, she says a group of people tried to shake that faith after breaking into both of her shops in the same week.

“They hit Domino’s the first time and then they came into my lady’s store. The second time they hit Domino’s and they went into my men’s store,” Thornton said.

On both occasions, surveillance video shows a group of men walk into the shopping center with crowbars.

Thornton says the crooks stole nearly $100,000 worth of clothing from both of her stores.

Thornton says when her window was busted out, she had to put this board here to protect her business, but she decided to use this very board to put a positive spin on a very negative situation.

“When my customers come in now not only do they take a word for the day, but they have the opportunity to sign the board and we pray over this board each and every day,” Thornton said.

Security video shows five men wearing masks and carrying what appears to be a crowbar right before the first incident which police say was a burglary of the Lavish clothing store.

Then what appears to be that same security camera shows a video of four more men all wearing masks and hoods a week later.

If you know anything, give CrimeStoppers a call at 901-528-CASH.