MEMPHIS, Tenn. — A man is in jail on a $4 million bond after Memphis police said he tried to kill two women.

Police say 27-year-old Richard Erby shot a woman in South Memphis two months ago. Earlier this month, he struck another woman with a pickaxe, causing her to almost lose both of her legs.

One of his alleged victims said she hopes she can encourage other possible victims to come forward.

“I’m a victim and a survivor,” Anderson said.

With a smile on her face, Kimberly Anderson is thankful to be alive after someone tried to end her life.

“The person that shot me, Rambo, I saw him coming on the side of my house with a gun like this,” Anderson said.

On March 20th, Anderson was shot in her backside after the gunmen made his way into her home on Gaither street.

“He came towards with the gun and was like, ‘Look, I’m going to kill you and your family. You need to leave. You need to leave’. And I guess he didn’t know that I was already shot,” Anderson said.

Anderson said the man shot her after he had an altercation with her teenage son.

Memphis police said Erby faces several charges including attempted murder for the crime.

“I have flashbacks and bad memories of him doing that to me. I see him every day shooting me,” Anderson said.

A warrant was issued and Erby was later arrested.

However, another victim had emerged. Erby faces another attempted murder charge for an incident that happened earlier this month.

MPD said he confronted a woman at a store on South Parkway claiming she set him up. Court documents say she denied the accusations and tried to get away.

Reports said Erby followed her to this field on Preston Street, beat her, hit her with his truck, and then struck her several times with a pickaxe.

MPD said the victim survived but both of her legs were nearly severed.

“They have no remorse for life. He’s at where he needs to be. In jail for the rest of his life,” Anderson said.

As for Anderson, she said she’s trying to move forward.

She said the day after the shooting, her home was burned down, and she’s been living in her car with her small children.

The Memphis Fire department said the cause of the fire remains under investigation.

Anderson hopes sharing her story will inspire other survivors.

“I’m a survivor and I want people to know that it’s ok,” Anderson said.

Erby’s next court date for the two attempted murders is next Wednesday.

If you would like to help Anderson and her family, you can donate to her GoFundMe here.