MEMPHIS, Tenn. — A Memphis man wanted for an armed carjacking in Southaven is now in jail after a police chase in Middle Tennessee.

The wild police pursuit landed 31-year-old Roderick Poindexter of Memphis behind bars in Metro Nashville. The chase happened more than three hours away and nearly two weeks after Southaven Police say Poindexter carjacked a gold Cadillac from a Chili’s on Goodman Road.

Ashley Turner owns the car. She said her 42-year-old boyfriend was picking up a DoorDash order a little after 10 p.m. when he was met with a pistol in late April.

“He went to get the food and before he could get into the building, the guy was running full speed towards him,” Turner said. “Before my boyfriend could get in the car, he jumped in the car and pulled a gun on him and told him if you don’t leave if you don’t let me have the car, I’m going to shoot you.”

According to Southaven Police, minutes before the carjacking, Poindexter was being pursued by Memphis Police and had wrecked a stolen car near the restaurant.

After leaving the scene, he eventually made his way to north Nashville where he was involved in a chase starting along I-40 involving officers on the ground and in a chopper.

“I just feel like that’s just really crazy,” Turner said. “Just the fact that he got all the way to Nashville, we never would have found the car.”

Metro Nashville Police reports when officers tried to block the vehicle, Poindexter started using the stolen car as a weapon, hitting an officer and two police cruisers. The officer was not seriously injured.

Poindexter eventually surrendered in Cheatham County.

“I’m just glad they got him,” Turner said. “He’s not a good guy at all and he just really has nothing to lose. He’s just kind of living life on the fly.”

Turner said her boyfriend replays the terrifying carjacking and they’re worried that insurance will not cover the repairs.

“From what I understand, the car is wrecked and it’s not drivable,” she said. “He was real disappointed he felt like he could have done more but I told him no because the car could be replaced, and he couldn’t and his life means more than a car.”

Poindexter is in Nashville where he is facing a slew of charges including assault on an officer and reckless driving. He’ll be brought to the Mid-South to face additional charges in Memphis and Southaven.