MEMPHIS, Tenn. — A Memphis family is looking for answers after a utility lineman was killed in a violent work accident in Hayden, Alabama, Saturday.

Andrew Schwam, 35, a graduate of Houston High School, was part of a two-man crew installing a cable on utility poles for Tri-State Utility Construction when the accident happened.

According to Schwam’s wife, a Blount County sheriff’s deputy drove over part of the cable, and it got caught on his back tire, causing the line to snap back and hit Andrew, throwing him some 36 feet on his head.

Porsche Schwam said her husband died instantly from the head injury.

“I do know the cable shattered his pelvis, his sternum was cracked, and he had broken ribs, and I believe he had other broken bones because his whole body was swollen,” said Porsche. “The only comfort I got was when they told me it killed him instantly. So, he did not suffer. He was  probably unconscious when he hit the ground.”

Porsche Schwam with her husband Andrew while he was on life support at the hospital

After Andrew’s death, his sister released a TikTok video, blaming the Blounty County deputy for the accident, accusing him of speeding when he ran over the cable. All the information the family has received about the accident has come from the other lineman who was an eyewitness to what happened.

“I would really like someone to take some responsibility because, at this point, it’s been four days. The sheriff’s department has not attempted to contact me or any family members,” said Porsche.

Wednesday, Blount County Sheriff Mark Moon released this statement referencing the TikTok video:

“I am aware of the TikTok video that is going around. I am also aware that there are people wanting a response from the sheriff’s office. I am currently in Washington, DC, for a National Sheriffs Institute leadership seminar. Also, there is an active investigation into the events on March 18th in the Hayden area. I have the video and will make a statement and release the video as soon as the Investigation is complete. Please don’t make assumptions and rush to judgment without knowing the facts. Please pray for the family of the man who lost his life and for the deputy that was involved.”

The sheriff department’s Chief Deputy Brian Whitt told WREG OSHA and the Alabama Law Enforcement Agency (ALEA) are doing their own investigations.

The sheriff didn’t say the source of the video, but Whitt said it would likely be released once the investigations are complete.

“We believe that the video will tell the complete story, and there are two sides to every story,” said Chief Deputy Whitt. “There have been some media outlets that made the accusation that the deputy actually struck Mr. Schwam with his vehicle, and that is not correct. The vehicle never struck Schwam. I can tell you that.”

Porsche said her husband had only been working as a lineman for about three or four months and leaves behind four children ages 17, 12, 5, and 1.

“He was a good father, and he was just there doing his job, and his life was taken from him, and we are never going to be the same. Somebody needs to be held accountable because it absolutely 100% was not his fault. He was where he was supposed to be and doing what he was supposed to be doing,” she said.

Andrew’s sister has set up a GoFundMe page to help his family with expenses. His wife has also hired Memphis attorney Jeff Rosenblum, who appears to be placing some of the blame on Tri-State Utility Construction.

“Obviously, horrific injuries. It is one that seems to be foreseeable to me when you are going to have a cable attached to a pole on one end and dangling on the other that it can get caught up in something and cause this horrific injury,” said Rosenblum.

Tri-State Utility Construction, based in Chattanooga, has not commented on the accident. However, Kyle McClure, the Director of Operations for the company, did tell us Andrew was a great employee.

“He was a dedicated employee and very dedicated to his family. And we are just respecting his family right now,” McClure said. “There will be a statement.”

Porsche said Andrew was a registered organ donor, and his liver is going to a friend of the family.

“We did find out his sister Savannah has a friend whose father is desperately needing a liver transplant, and Andrew is a universal donor,” said Porsche. “Her friend’s father is going to receive Andrew’s liver to save him.”

The Blount County Sheriff’s Office said the deputy involved in the accident is still on the job.