MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Memphis Police arrested a man they say took part in carjacking an Uber Driver.

On February 26, the victim told officials she was working as an Uber driver when she picked up two males and a female in the 1700 block of Getwell Road. The occupant’s destination was in Millington.

According to reports, a short distance into the drive, one of the male passengers said he was getting sick, so the victim pulled over. The male got out, and the other male pulled a gun on her, demanding the car.

The victim reportedly exited her car, and the male outside demanded her keys. She threw them at him and ran away. The three suspects left in her 2020 Volkswagen, police say.

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On February 27, Uber billing discovered that Jesus Sanchez owned the credit card linked to the account. Sanchez’s phone records put him at the location where the carjacking happened.

Jesus Sanchez is charged with Carjacking and Possession of a Firearm/Dangerous Felony.