MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Workers at the Memphis AC Delco Parts Distribution Center are joining the United Auto Workers strike.

The center, located in southeast Memphis, has ties to the General Motors franchise. Some 180 GM workers at the ACDelco Parts Distribution Center on Pleasant Hill took to the sidewalk Friday morning to let their concerns be heard.

“We want our fair share of the pie. That’s the message we’re trying to get out,” said Sherman Ward, United Auto Workers shop chairman. “We’re not trying to take the whole pie. Just a piece of the pie.”

These members of UAW Local 2406 decided Friday to “walk out” in support of a national UAW strike that’s been going on now for more than a week. Like their counterparts, these workers are also demanding a contract that keeps pace with inflation and they hope GM and Stellantis get the message.

“They profiting off our backs and we just want some of it as well. Not asking for a lot, but what we want is what we deserve,” said striking UAW member Terrence Wilborn.

Matthew Roberts believes workers here should have walked off their jobs a week ago and knows as well as anyone else what’s at stake.

“I know that we are a group of people that get paid more than the average American but the simple fact is we have three auto companies making gross profits of a combined $190 billion over the course of four years,” Roberts said.

While President Joe Biden has defended striking UAW workers, Ward says he would rather politics and the President stay out of this fight.

“I don’t think Congress needs to get involved in this,” Ward said. “I don’t think it’s a place for Congress to get involved in our business but he runs the country, so.”

The president of the United Auto Workers said Friday the union will expand its strike against major automakers by walking out of 38 General Motors and Stellantis plants in 20 states.

Striking workers at the ACDelco facility reportedly plan to stay on strike as long as necessary.