MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Two deputies that responded to Tyre Nichols’ traffic stop were suspended without pay three weeks after the Shelby County Sheriff’s Office announced an internal investigation.

Deputies Johntavious Bowers and Jeremy Watkins have both been suspended for five days for their actions on the night of January 7.

In documents released by SCSO, the duo is accused of breaking numerous policies, such as failing to notify dispatch or a supervisor that they responded to the call along with not keeping their body-worn cameras activated.

“These are policies and procedures that must be followed by our officers,” said Shelby County Sheriff Floyd Bonner.

In his first on-camera interview since announcing the suspension, Sheriff Bonner addressed criticism about the timing of the internal investigation, which didn’t happen till the video was released publicly.

Tyre Nichols and Memphis Police: What we Know

“I understand why they didn’t contact us. They had five officers that were involved in a horrific occurrence. The deputies that walked on the scene, walked in after the assault had occurred. If I had known before then, we probably would have suspended them,” Bonner said.

The sheriff told WREG the two deputies went on their own accord to the scene which is out of their patrol area.

“We had no reason to be there. We were not called for an assist with MPD and certainly, we would have shown up if the case had warranted us being there,” Bonner said.

Once on scene, surveillance footage showed the deputies standing around after Nichols was beaten. Several agencies fired personnel who responded. SCSO opted to suspend their deputies for five days.

Tyre Nichols videos show what happened in fatal Memphis traffic stop

“They’ve been good officers with the sheriff. They had no prior discipline, that was taken into account. I’m sure they’re sorry they showed up, and hopefully, this will be a learning moment for them,” Bonner said.

Only the five former Memphis police officers are facing criminal charges. Sheriff Bonner said his deputies are not expected to be charged criminally and they are talking with the DA’s office.