MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Dozens of activists joined the Shelby County Commission meeting Monday night to respond to two ordinances related to the Tyre Nichols case and to make demands of their own. 

It took more than four hours to reach the items related to Tyre Nichols on the County Commission meeting agenda, but community members say it’s worth the wait to call for change. 

Two resolutions were passed unanimously Monday evening. One of which will include the video of Tyre Nichols’ murder as part of de-escalating training for city and county law enforcement. The second will support improved data collection and transparency in the use of force.

“If we’re really going to solve some of these solutions, we’ve got to get down to the systemic roots on why some of these things are happening and what are we really going to do and come around collectively and support,” said Commissioner Edmund Ford.

While the people in the audience at tonight’s meeting are happy with the support of the commission, they say a resolution is not enough.

They are counting on the city and the county to pass ordinances to require transparent data as it relates to traffic stops, stop traffic stops altogether, and end the use of specialized traffic stops. 

Commissioners praised the passion among the community members and promised they are working to make those changes. 

Many of these community members and activists say they plan to take these same demands to Tuesday’s city council meeting.