WARNING: Some video clips shown may be disturbing or upsetting to some viewers.

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — The Memphis Police Department acknowledged Monday that seven officers were relieved of duty after Tyre Nichols was tased, chased, and beaten during a traffic stop on January 7.

But only six officers have been publicly named, leaving many to wonder who is the unidentified officer whose actions surrounding Tyre Nichols’ death are now under investigation.

Van Turner with the Memphis NAACP said if MPD is serious about transparency, the names should be revealed.

“When we ask for transparency, we want all involved to be called out and to be bought to justice,” Turner said. “The public demands to know. We should know because if you know that’s the only way to resolve the trust to be able to trust. That’s the only way to really achieve justice for Tyre.”

But for now, police are only saying this is an active investigation and all available information has been released. For now, the identity of the seventh officer is not available.

Tyre Nichols and Memphis Police: What we Know

Experts who have watched the video say it appears there may have been a supervisor who responded to the scene as is customary. One clip shows what appears to be an officer with a badge who was not dressed like the other SCORPION Unit officers.

What’s not known is what that person did or did not do that night in line with what should have happened.

Tyre Nichols videos show what happened in fatal Memphis traffic stop

Experts also say the movement of the SkyCop camera that caught Tyree Nichols being beaten indicates someone must have been watching. What did that person do in response?

There are still a lot of questions only police can answer and, right now, they are not.

“Leadership should have stepped up and provided leadership. That evening aid should have been rendered to Tyre. Intervention should have been put forth to assist Mr. Nichols, or to stop the brutal way in which he was treated in the first place, and we just didn’t see it occur that evening,” Van Turner said. “What all went wrong? Why did it go wrong? Who did the wrong? And how do we stop this going forward?”

WREG has asked Memphis Police for the name of the police officer who was relieved of duty as well as a copy of the police report made by officers on the scene. So far, our requests have been denied with police saying they want to ensure a complete and thorough investigation.