MEMPHIS, Tenn. (WREG) — Friends, family, and supporters of Tyre Nichols held a candlelight vigil at Tobey Skate Park Thursday evening to honor the man who was an avid skateboarder.

Earlier in the day, many people were focused on charging the men allegedly responsible for killing Tyre Nichols, but Thursday night the community focused on honoring and remembering him in one of the places he loved the most.

Tobey Skate Park is where family and friends say Tyre Nichols was the happiest, so it was only fitting that this is where he is celebrated. 

“When they built this skate park in 2012, that was a dope moment because now we can have the larger type of unity. And I think the unity is powerful,” said fellow skater Josh Adams.

Tyre’s mother, Rowvaughn Wells, sat at the table and was surrounded by family, friends, and complete strangers as they demand justice for Tyre and change within our city. 

Continuing coverage of Tyre Nichols Investigation

“People are literally violently murdered in the city of Memphis. And the city answers back by adding more police officers. By adding more task force units. Not this time, we’re not going to take it no more,” said one of the activists that attended the vigil.

Wells nodded her head in agreement with each speaker but also made a demand of her own.

“I want each and every one of you to protest in peace. I don’t want us burning up our cities, tearing up our streets, because that’s now what my son stood for,” Wells said.

Despite the heaviness and emotion, the vigil also offered a much-needed moment of levity and finding that little piece of happiness where Tyre left it. 

Wells wanted to see the skaters skate for Tyre… 

Many of the activists say this is just the beginning. They say they are already working on calls for action to bring to the city council.

A GoFundMe page verified by a company spokesperson has been created to help support Tyre Nichols’ family. If you would like to donate, click here.