MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Memphis Police are looking for suspects after gunfire erupted on two South Memphis streets on Monday afternoon.

The incident occurred on Norris and Mallory Avenue when a car, partially obscured by trees, slid into a ditch near Mallory Avenue by two female passengers who told police that they ran into the woods to avoid being shot.

Charlie Vanloon, a nearby construction worker, said he’s concerned about how violence in Memphis has spun out of control.

“We’ve lost a lot of moral sense as a community,” Vanloon said. “So we need to get back to that.”

According to police, the crash was the result of an incident that happened moments earlier and a few miles away on McMillian Street. The two occupants of the wrecked Mercedes told police they were sitting in a driveway when someone in a black SUV started shooting at them. The SUV then reportedly chased them from McMillian Street until they crashed on Norris Road.

The wrecked Mercedes that slid into the ditch near Mallory Avenue.

A woman who lives in the area said this street is usually quiet.

“It was just a scary site, you know, to come home and this is what you see,” she said.

No one was reportedly hit by gunfire on McMillian Street nor Norris Road. Neither of the passengers were injured when their car crashed.

Memphis Police said no arrests have been made at this time. This is an ongoing investigation.