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MEMPHIS, Tenn.– Two women are behind bars after they shot another woman in the face last month, Memphis Police said on Sunday.

Investigators said a woman was trying to leave an apartment complex along Jackson Avenue in Nutbush when Beatrice Broyles, 25 and Asia Dowdy, 23 decided the woman wasn’t going anywhere.

Detectives said the two women were armed and used their car to stop the victim from driving away. Broyles started shooting at the victim, with one of those bullets striking the woman in the face.

This was not a random attack as the victim said she knows Dowdy. The 23-year-old was her one-time hairdresser.

The neighbor we spoke with said what happened inside the complex really hit home for him as he is still grieving the loss of his own son, who was victimized by violence just last year.

The victim told police that she and the two accused had an ongoing dispute.

Investigators also said there were three passengers inside the victims car during the incident. Fortunately, they were not hurt.

Broyles and Dowdy were charged with three counts reckless endangerment and attempted first-degree murder.

They are due in court on Monday, Dec. 6.