MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Two homes on Lucibill Road in Whitehaven have been declared public nuisances and boarded up.

The closures at 3388 and 3268 Lucibill comes after numerous complaints and a five-month investigation, Shelby County District Attorney Steve Mulroy said Tuesday.

“We take a look at certain crimes reported within a certain radius of that property, the number of crimes reported at that property and only after we realize there is a consistent pattern do we take action,” Mulroy said.

The DA’s office said they received numerous reports of crimes at the locations. In May, two people were shot at the 3388 address — one was killed and the other hospitalized. WREG archives show police responded to a shooting on the same block in 2021.

Recent search warrants were executed at the homes, which resulted in the discovery of weapons, drugs, and a stolen car.

“It’s important to do for the benefit of the public at large but also for the benefit of the people who live in those communities who are law abiding citizens who are trying to get through the day and nonetheless have to put up with all these crimes that are occurring at these locations,” Mulroy said.

The city’s Data Hub shows four reports from the same Lucibill address this year for murder, arson, aggravated assault and drugs.